spring/summer 2007

Extraordinary for SS07 by Azumi and David (A'N'D) ... packing tape bangles: jewellery, belts and watches - finishing touches for a total style package ... semi-precious jewellery: swarovski crystals paired with their two dimensional Perspex silhouette: bracelets, necklaces and watches - precious crystals accompanied by their shadows in Perspex, Perspex watch shadows in memory of pre-mobile phone days when watches were more abundant ... bag printed canvas bags - utilitarian homage to retro style ... shoe bags - blurring the line between complementary accessories ... sweat and shirt sleeve belts - the garment tied around the waist, minus the garment ... sleeve wraps - a cosy, open ended sleeve ... shirting t-shirts - blurring the boundaries between office and street, t-shirt becomes shirt, shirt becomes t-shirt ... sleeve belted shirts and vests - sleeved garments encouraged to embrace the waist ... 'your logo here' corporate clothing and bags - branded with nothingness and its potential as an anti-brand brand ... the ordinary with a twist of the extra ... and

spring/summer 2007 item

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