autumn/winter 2006

The New Black

from Azumi and David (A'N'D)

For this season 'The New Black' is predominantly
black, black, black, with the occasional hint of grey,
blue, red, brown, green, white, silver and gold …

A'N'D present a satirical view of the cult of sartorial
blackness. Centring on the darkness emanating from a
mysterious black 'light' bulb, a shrine to elegant
lightlessness …

The New Black is an expression of the fashion
world's raison d'etre, perpetual reinvention and
innovation, the striving to find those next
key elements and next big things
(to wear) …

A'N'D's The New Black proposes
black fruit (with black orange!)
and flowers, half-blackened
'de-bling' costume jewellery,
'dripping' perspex jewellery,
The New Black perspex
jewellery, light/dark bulb
sweats, lapel scarves,
shirt scarves, hair sweat
hoodies, leather collar
scarves, tie scarves and
the latest additions to
A'N'D's classic 'shoebag' range

This is
The New Black

autumn/winter 2006 item

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