spring/summer 2006

Title text: Narcissist

by Azumi and David (A'N'D)

Our inspiration for this season's collection of things to wear is the story of Narcissus, the boy who fell in love with his own reflection and turned into a flower … not noticing the attentions of a girl named Echo, who was spellbound by his youthful beauty and unable to tear herself away, she withered away until only her voice remained.

A key piece in this collection is 'mirror mirror', a silver-plated, double mirror, pocket-size compact, engraved with the words:

Title text: Mirror Mirror, Compact Discreet, Narcissus Echo, Pocket Size Conceit

Other pieces are a reflection of this vanity, methods of self-presentation tested in front of a mirror; t-shirts with mirror printed wording, chewable posing neck pieces, make-up bags, 51% sexy material content labels, model size prints, small/medium/large pearl jewellery.

Locate your reflection and strike a pose.

spring/summer 2006 item

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