Things to Buy

Collection archive pieces

Azumi and David (A'N'D) was established in 1999 in London. The items made available to purchase in this archive collection are all rare pieces of a limited production process, drawn from collections dating back many years, from our twice yearly collections shown in a private gallery/showroom during Paris Fashion Week. None of these archive pieces will be reproduced, so they will become rarer and rarer as time passes and become ever more collectible, vintage items.

Things we like by other designers

These pieces are a curated selection from collections of product designers discovered by Azumi and David, who share an idiosyncratic, surrealistic view of the material world which challenges perceptions of reality and normality. This selection will evolve and develop over time ...

Objects of desire

'Objects of desire' are an exclusive collection of unique curiosities, unearthed by Azumi and David and made available for acquisition by visitors through this online portal.


Artist and designer editions

Azumi and David would like to share a curation of specially selected, one-off and limited edition artist and designer created artworks and products such as paintings, sculptures, prints, unique objects and designed products.