So-Called Conceptual Art

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So-Called Conceptual Art

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So-Called Conceptual Art

This work raises questions around contemporary culture and media. 'So-Called' has become associated with the description of the 'Islamic State' concept which saturates contemporary media. 'Conceptual Art' describes an artistic practice which endeavours to remove production of physical art objects from the creative process as a way of sabotaging consumerist machinations of the art market and questioning how society and industry contrives material values to control human behaviour and manage consumption habits. Bringing together these two elements to formulate 'So-Called Conceptual Art' draws attention to the collective paranoia seeping through to every extremity of modern Western culture, from issues of immigration control, increasing pressures on national health systems, foreign policy interventional military campaigns, secularism versus religious piety, austerity against luxury, lowbrow against intellectualism, minimum waged labour against academic aspiration.

Produced from an original 30cm x 40cm, hand-painted, acrylic on canvas, this fine art giclee is printed on premium quality 308gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag stock.

A titled, signed and dated open edition print.

Paper size 50.8cm x 40.6cm